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New Horizons for 2S-LGBTQ+ Older Adults

Creating social support and community connection in Simcoe/Muskoka, North Bay, and the Greater Sudbury area.

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2S-LGBTQ+ Older Adults

Skill Development

The New Horizons team has been gathering resources specifically for older adult capacity building.

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Resources Created by the New Horizons Team

The New Horizons for 2S-LGBTQ+ Older Adults Program Participation Package

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Social Support Groups and Self-Disclosures

A guide

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The Official New Horizons for 2S-LGBTQ+ Older Adults Cookbook

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Two-Spirit People at a Glance Pocketmod
A brief look at what the term Two-Spirit means

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Two-Spirit Videos

Ma-Nee Chacaby talks about Two Spirit identities (2018)

Watch the Video

Geo Neptune - What Does “Two-Spirit” Mean? (2018)

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Trans And Native: Meet The Indigenous Doctor Giving Them Hope (2019)

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Walk with Me: Two Spirited Indigenous Elders (2020)

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'Celebrate ourselves and each other': Indigenous transgender storyteller Kiley May (2020)

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2Spirit Resurgence in the 21st Century with Albert McLeod - Anish Corporation (2021)

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Life of a 2Spirit with Gayle Pruden - Anish Corporation (2021)

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Two-Spirit Education

Two-Spirit Webinars - SAMHSA Tribal Training Technical Assistance

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Two Spirit and Indigiqueer cultural safety: Considerations for relational practice and policy - Indigenous Cultural Safety Collaborative Learning Series

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2Spirit Stories: Building Inclusive Intersectional Movements - Indigenous Climate Action

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Two Spirit! Let’s Hear It! Presentation with Dr. Sarah Hunt - NCCAH 

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Two Spirit Healing and Teachings with Harlan Pruden and Jesse Dame - Indigenous Youth Wellness

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An Introduction to the Health of Two-Spirit People: Historical, contemporary and emergent issues - NCCAH

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MMIWG2SLGBTQQIA+ National Action Plan - 2SLGBTQQIA+ Sub-Working Group

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2S-LGBTQ+ Older Adult Education

2SLGBTQ+ Inclusive Trauma-Informed Care - Learning Network & Knowledge Hub

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Improving Pathways to Safety for 2SLGBTQ+ Survivors of Violence - Learning Network & Knowledge Hub

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Looking Back: A History of Attitudes Toward Death and Dying - Dying With Dignity

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Inclusive Care at the End of Life: The LGBTQ+ Experience - Kaiser Health News

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LGBTQ2S Moving Toward an Inclusive Culture in Long Term Care One Home's Journey

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Rainbow Health Ontario -  creating opportunities for the healthcare system to better serve LGBT2SQ communities.

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 Elder Abuse in 2SLGBTIQQA Communities: Understanding the Complexities and How to Respond

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Laurentian University: Activity and Social Interations a guide to reducing social isolation in Older Adults.

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Consumer Protection Ontario: Before, during or after you make a purchase, learn your rights and know how to protect yourself.

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